Vision and mission


Independent professional organization

It is not affiliated with any governmental or party organization

It represents its members wherever they are inside or outside Syria

Provides support to its members in the face of any violation

Our story

The Syrian Journalists Association believes that ensuring the existence of an independent media is inseparable from building a state of law and institutions dominated by the values of freedom, justice and democracy.

Damascus, February 20, 2012



The Association, through its activities, is committed to achieving the following objectives :

  1. Protecting journalists and media professionals and defending their rights and freedoms.
  2. Providing support to journalists, media professionals, and media institutions in order to perform their professional mission, Preserving freedom of opinion and expression, access to information sources, and disclosure of facts.
  3. Work on developing the profession of journalism.
  4. Seeking to promote and protect public freedoms and freedom of the press in legislation and laws.
  5. Commitment to the (Charter of Honor for Syrian Journalists) and embody its values.
  6. Work to raise the professional level of its members, keep abreast of professional and technical developments, modern and innovative work methods, and strive to find training and education opportunities.
  7. Providing support, assistance and training to media activists, citizen journalists and media students, in a way that helps them raise their professional level. to perform their work professionally, According to occupational safety rules.
  8. Closer relations and cooperation with press federations and syndicates and organizations concerned with freedom of the press.


Access to a safe press environment that guarantees the rights of journalists and freedom of expression.

the message:

The Association seeks to be an independent umbrella umbrella for Syrian journalists without discrimination. represent its members, She defends them in various local and international forums.

Years of experience supporting journalists

Report on violations against journalists

Branches around the world

Members and members, we provide them with service and support

To communicate

Contact us on the form below. We welcome any inquiries

work hours

M-F: 8am – 6pm, SS, 9am – 1pm