We work to create a safe environment that guarantees freedom of expression

We seek to be an independent umbrella for Syrian journalists without discrimination

Partners in promoting the ethics and values of journalistic work

who are we

Syrian Journalists Association

It is an independent, democratic professional association that was established on February 20, 2012, and became a member of the International Federation of Journalists on January 18, 2017. The Association works to enable freedom of expression and the press in Syria, in addition to developing professional journalistic skills and capacity building for the Syrian media sector in general and for its members in particular.


The Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedoms

We are working to document violations against media professionals and media centers in Syria, and those that occur against Syrian media professionals outside the country.

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Vision and mission

We believe that ensuring the existence of an independent media is inseparable from building a state of law and institutions that are dominated by the values of freedom, justice and democracy.

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Training and development center

We work to raise the professional level of our members, keep abreast of professional and technical developments, modern and innovative work methods, and strive to find training and education opportunities.

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Latest news and reports

Death threats and cancellation of the accreditation of a media institution..The Syrian Journalists Association issues its report on violations against the media last July

Death threats and cancellation of the accreditation of a media institution..The Syrian Journalists Association issues its report on violations against the media last July

The Syrian Journalists Association issued its report on the documented violations against the media in Syria in July 2023. The Association said that the violations against the media in Syria last July did not differ from the previous months, as cases of restrictions...

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Syrian Journalists Association

An independent, non-profit professional organization

Experience in supporting Syrian journalists

A report documenting violations against Syrian journalists and media institutions

Branches around the world to serve and support our members

Members and members, we offer them support and training

Violations against the media in numbers

The Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedoms relies on documenting violations against journalists and media activists on specific standards in accordance with international laws and norms for the protection of journalists, And committed by the various parties to the conflict in Syria and outside Syria

  • 50 violations during 2022
  • 68 violations during 2021
  • 60 violations during 2020
  • 97 violations during 2019

Total number of violations since 2011

Violations against media organizations since 2011

The number of media deaths since 2011

Total violations against women journalists since 2011

Journalism is not a crime

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Syrian Journalists Association

The door of membership in the Association is open to every Syrian and the like. Those who took journalism as their profession and whose main income was from it, regardless of his national, religious or political affiliation, and agrees to abide by its rules, It respects the basic principles of human rights and democracy

mouzon morshed

President of the Syrian Journalists Association

The Journalists Association wanted to live up to its promise and responsibility. it achieved and fulfilled its promise, and it was truly a pivotal shift in the course of the Syrian trade union work, befitting it to accompany the Syrian revolution and be an honorable facet of its facets.

Ibrahim Hussein

chairman of Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedoms

It can be said that journalists and media activists played a huge role. and they gave a lot, And they deservedly deserved the title “Guardians of Truth”. And despite all the hardships and security risks they faced, They were able to play a distinguished role in shedding light on the scourges and calamities the country has suffered.”

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