The Journalists Association – SJA said that they are deeply concerned about the fate of civilians and journalists alike in the Gaza Strip, and condemns the targeting and killing of journalists and media workers.

The SJA added in a statement that the cutting off of means of communication by the Israeli authorities in the Gaza Strip today as a result of the bombing of communications towers prevents communication with journalists and limits the right to deliver information.

he SJA indicated that the Gaza Strip is witnessing escalating violence and bombing against civilians, from which journalists and media workers have not been spared, as the killing of at least 32 male and female journalists has been documented so far, with the injury and loss of many journalists recorded as a result of the bombing and targeting of homes and infrastructure.

The SJA pointed out that the journalism profession and journalists in Gaza are not safe from the Israeli bombing that affected everything, even the headquarters of international news agencies and the offices of local Arab and international television networks, and expresses its deep concern for the lives of fellow journalists in Gaza, especially after all means of communication with them were cut off.

The SJA stresses the importance of combating the spread of false information as one of the pillars of its global ethical charter for journalists, as the principles of the profession and the commitment to conveying correct information must remain the basic background for journalists.

The SJA affirmed that it adds its voice to the voice of the United Nations and international organizations, to prevent violence against civilians, journalists and media workers in Gaza and the West Bank, ensure accountability, bring perpetrators of crimes to justice, and ensure that victims have access to redress. Appropriate pressure and pressure to restore communications.