The Syrian Journalists Association issued its report on the documented violations against the media in Syria in July 2023.

The Association said that the violations against the media in Syria last July did not differ from the previous months, as cases of restrictions on media freedoms and the accompanying threats to the security and safety of media professionals and the freedom of media work constituted, direct reasons for the documented violations.

The Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedoms team at the Syrian Journalists Association documented two violations against the media in Syria, during July 2023. The government of the Syrian regime and its armed elements were responsible for the two documented violations during last July, as the first violation was committed in Damascus, while the other was committed in the countryside Damascus, as the Ministry of Information in the government of the Syrian regime revoked the accreditation of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in Syria, against the backdrop of the channel’s publication of an investigation on drug trafficking and its association with leaders of the Syrian regime.

Monthly distribution of violations during 2023

In addition, the Center documented, during last July, the media activist Mahmoud Sawan, known as “Wassim Al-Ahmad”, who resides in Turkey, received death threats from armed members of the Syrian regime present in the countryside of Damascus, on the grounds of publishing reports on drug trafficking and its association with the regime forces. And about Iranian infiltration into the region.

“Sawan” told the Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedoms: “As a result of these reports, he was exposed to several death threats, as he received several phone calls and threatening messages on my Facebook account, as Hassan Al-Ghandour made a phone call, threatening me and my family with violence and abuse explicitly, then I received threatening messages on Facebook.” These threats were painful for me,” referring to one of the messages that reached him, which included: “We will answer you, not if you are in Turkey… if you are in the seventh hiding place.”

The Syrian Center for Journalistic Freedoms affiliated to the Syrian Journalists Association has followed the process of issuing reports during the past months, the method of collecting violations every three months in one report (quarterly reports), and the Center documented, during the first quarter of this year, the occurrence of 6 violations against the media, distributed among The months of January witnessed 3 violations, while the month of February witnessed one violation, in addition to two violations documented by the Center last March, while the second quarter documented the occurrence of 7 violations committed against the media in Syria, distributed among the months of April, with one violation, while the month of May witnessed And June, 3 violations occurred in each of them.

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