A member of the Syrian Journalists Association, the journalist Rizq Al-Abi, has been detained by the Turkish authorities since 04-14-2023. A security force from the border guards of the Syrian National Army arrested him while he and his wife were trying to cross from the Turkish border into Syria.

In a previous press statement, the Syrian Journalists Association called on the Syrian National Army, whose security forces detained the journalist Rizq al-Abi and his wife Hanan Al-Qasim in the village of Bulbul in Afrin countryside, to release them immediately.

However, new information received by the Syrian Journalists Association confirmed that the detention of Rizk and his wife Hanan Al-Qasim since 14-04-2023 was at the request of the Turkish authorities under the name “Wadiah”.

On 01.05.2023, a security force from the Turkish border guards in the village of Bulbul transferred the journalist Rizq Al-Abi and his wife, Hanan Al-Qasim, to Istanbul. After that, the Turkish authorities placed the wife, Hanan Al-Qasim, in the center for the deportation of foreign women, while the journalist, Rizk Al-Abi, was placed in the “Maltepe cezaevi” prison.

On 09-06-2023, the Turkish authorities released the wife, Hanan Al-Qasim, while the journalist, Rizk Al-Abi, is still in detention until the date of issuing this press release.

So far, there are no clear accusations against the journalist Rizk Al-Abi for a crime that justifies his detention for such a long period. Accordingly, the Syrian Journalists Association calls on the Turkish authorities to release the journalist Zarq Al-Abi, and to reveal the reasons for his arrest if the charge against him does not require keeping him in a detention center. The Syrian Journalists Association also calls on the Turkish authorities to prosecute the journalist Rizk Al-Abi by the judiciary as soon as possible in accordance with the principles of the Turkish courts, which are known for their integrity and justice, if it is proven that he committed a crime.

At the same time, the Syrian Journalists Association thanks the parties that supported it in the case of journalist Rizk al-Abi and calls on press and human rights unions and journalists in Türkiye to coordinate and cooperate for his release.